PTA provides grants for deserving FPMS Teachers! 

Once again, the PTA is proud to provide a grant to Ms.Lonsway and the 7th grade science teachers to purchase frogs. Students will work in groups of three to dissect grass frogs and apply what they have learned in the Animal Systems Unit, comparing and contrasting the human body systems to the frog body systems. 
Our Choir Director, Megan Weston, was the recipient of a grant used to purchase Music Literacy materials. The resources will be used across all grades to create a strong foundation for music literacy skills and help choir students develop a love of music.
 This fall, a grant was awarded to LA teachers, Ms. Washington and Ms. Cuadrado, and was used to purchase Scholastic Magazines for ELA students in the 7th and 8th grade. These magazines are a critical tool to help students who need a boost in reading and comprehension. 
Another grant was awarded to our Art teacher, Ms. Suisman, who used the grant for a fun art/sewing project for 7th and 8th graders. Not only did the kids love the project, but it also sparked a new found love of learning how to sew for many of the kiddos! 
We are proud to support our fabulous FPMS staff!